Window Treatments in Murrieta

Masters of Crown is a complete home design company, and window treatments are just one of the many solutions we offer to our clients. From drapes and curtains to shutters and blinds, we have worked with many different types of treatments in all scales and sizes. Our years of experience comes from working in the finest hotels and resorts in Las Vegas, where we acquired impeccable sense for design and fashion. Now, we are ready to bring the best of high-class style to the Murrieta area at affordable prices that won't leave a dent in your wallet.

If your home was built in the past ten or twenty years, there's a very good chance that the window treatments that came with it are either very dirty or very outdated. With how rapidly interior design changes, the popular looks from years ago are usually no longer considered chic. Even if your treatments are still relatively modern, there are usually improvements that can be made, either in presentation or overall quality of the room they're in. Since the Murrieta area tends to be dusty and hot, the windows in a home need proper treatments to compensate.

A large part of what goes into appropriate window treatments comes from the orientation of the home and usage patterns. If your living room has windows that face the sun in the afternoon, blinds or shutters may help prevent excessive heat from leaking in. Or, if the living room is facing away from the sun and toward the street, the nearby traffic may bring in a lot of dust and would not be as well-suited for blinds which would require extra amounts of time to clean. Each and every home is different, and the mark of a good contractor is one who can break down your floorplan to provide the best recommendation possible for your budget.

With the years of experience we have, you simply can't go wrong when you work with us. We work with all types of window treatments in all shapes and sizes, as well as custom orders at warehouse prices. Contact Masters of Crown anytime at 951-746-5246 to schedule an appointment or to ask us any questions about your project.

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