Moulding Murrieta

Nothing adds a touch of definition and class to your home like crown moulding. Whether you're looking for a contemporary, no-nonsense style or something more classical, crown moulding is often an overlooked but vital part to your interior decoration that can be the elegant finishing touch. While there are many fabricated options out there, some homeowners have such a customized look that they simply can't get a premade solution that works for what them. In these cases, hiring a custom crown moulding company to do the woodwork would be the best way to go.

Most mouldings, decorative or utilitarian, all work the same way: they add definition and depth to structural parts of a home by covering up joints, using their shape to cast surfaces in specific gradients of shadow. The effect tends to be much more subtle than simply painting the surface, and often are considered a staple of interior design even in contemporary styles. Mouldings tend to be highly complex, as they require very specific millwork in order to get the proper effect, and as such there are not many hobbyists or do-it-yourselfers in the world of crown moulding.

That's where Masters of Crown comes in. Owned and operated by Ray Lopez, Masters of Crown has been providing top-notch moulding, custom woodwork and crown moulding installation in the Murrieta area for years. Mr. Lopez inherited the art from his father many years ago, and the two of them worked side by side throughout the lush Las Vegas strip in countless hotels and resorts to provide the most upscale looks and exquisite interior designs available. Now, Masters of Crown is ready to bring the same level of work and unique, personalized service to residents in Murrieta.

Want to get started on a renovation project? Or do you prefer to discuss your options first? Not sure what you're looking for? No problem. Contact us anytime to discuss your project with us or get a FREE estimate. We're available at 951-746-5246 to answer your questions today.

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