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Murrieta Garage Cabinets

When it comes to our garages, some of us like to use them for their intended purpose: housing cars! Many homeowners like to use theirs for storage space or even another bedroom, or possibly even a workshop. But no matter how we use our garage space, we can all agree on one thing: we need more space. Whether you need to store random things collected over the years, keep your tools safe and organized or anything else, garage cabinets are a good solution to use the empty space along the walls in a productive fashion. Having even a small set of cabinets can free up a tremendous amount of room along the ground and against the walls, as well as allow you to tidy up your space so your cars have more room to park. As with all other things, garage cabinets can range from barebones and basic to extravagant and beautiful. Some homeowners are looking more for practicality and would settle for plain white cabinets. Others treat their garage as an extension of their home, and want stained wood cabinets to match their polished floors and tool drawers. For higher-end cabinet work, hiring a professional is usually the best way to go. Additionally, while pre-fabricated cabinets may be available at your local hardware store, it may be more economical to go with a woodworker to get the job done. A proper custom woodworker such as Masters of Crown will not only be able to provide a proper install that's leveled and aligned properly for its owners, but even be able to fabricate the cabinets to begin with. Pre-made solutions are usually cheaper at the cost of next-to-no flexibility in terms of design, material and appearance. With an experienced woodworker, you'll not only be able to get exactly the type of wood you want but the color and grain as well, in dimensions that are perfectly suited for your garage. In the hands of a good craftsman, custom cabinets will come out matching your home much more beautifully than a manufactured set will. Call Masters of Crown anytime at 951-746-5246 to discuss your project with us. We are a locally-owned and operated business and are eager to help your garage cabinets look stunning!

Murrieta Curtains and Drapes

Curtain, drapes, blinds, shutters and more: all of these fall under the category of window treatments, which are used to block excess sunlight from entering a room. But aside from functionality, window treatments are also used as part of the interior decoration of a room. Depending on what type of treatment is used and the color, the room can be presented in many different ways ranging from sleek and modern to classical and elegant. All of this depends on the preference of the homeowner, of course, and the dizzying choices available can make finding the perfect window treatment difficult for your home.

A professional window treatment installer will not only be able to do their job efficiently, but also work with the home owner on picking out the best possible design that matches their room and their budget. When it comes to decoration, many homeowners often want something that may be out of their reach but are not aware of possible alternatives that may work for them. Additionally, professionals will be able to deliver customized treatments that are cut to exact specifications for the windows in a home, preventing any case where something may be too short or not wide enough.

Masters of Crown is a well-known and reputable Murrieta window treatment installer. With over 20 years working in all aspects of interior design, Masters of Crown has spent that time working in luxurious resorts and hotels across Las Vegas to learn the meticulous details of world-class decoration in all styles. Now, the proprietor of Masters of Crown Ray Lopez is ready to apply his knowledge and talent to Murrieta homeowners looking to add a touch of class to their windows without all the cost of Las Vegas prices. No one does it better in the area than Ray; simply look at online reviews and testimonials for an indicator of his quality work.

Call Masters of Crown anytime for a FREE estimate, or to simply discuss the kind of project you're wanting to do, at 951-746-5246.

Murrieta Woodwork

Masters of Crown is a Murrieta wood working company with over 20 years of experience not only in the local area, but across the luxurious expanses of Las Vegas. Raymond Lopez, the owner and operator, has been in the business for all of his life and has inherited the craft of fine wood work from his father. The two of them have worked in hundreds of hotels and resorts both on and off the Strip, allowing them to gain invaluable experience while honing their crown moulding and woodwork techniques to suit the tastes of high-class living. Now, Masters of Crown is here to bring Vegas-style artistry to your home without the cost.

Getting custom work done may not always be necessary; in fact, most of the time a pre-made solution available at your local store may be more than sufficient for that new bookshelf or entertainment center. But sometimes, those solutions just don't have the perfect look or the right dimensions. Maybe it's a little too high and needs a bit of trimming, or perhaps it's too shallow to hold everything that you need it to. In some cases, modification may be an answer while in others, a completely custom solution may be needed. The first step would be to decide exactly what you're looking for, which a professional woodworker can help with.

Since wood comes in so many types, finding the right look for your project usually requires the assistance of a professional contractor. Some woods are easier to work with than others, and there may be cheaper alternatives with a similar color and grain if a specific type is out of your budget. Whether you're looking for new baseboards, a custom cabinet or entertainment center or even prefabricated parts, we are able to meet your demands and provide an affordable and high-quality solution for your next project, no matter how large or small. We are available any time to discuss your needs and provide a quick, no-obligation estimate over the phone.

Call Masters of Crown anytime at 951-746-5246 to get a FREE quote now.

Murrieta CA Window Treatments

Window treatments are one of the most expressive and elegant parts of your home, a place where you can truly express your individual tastes and style as a homeowner. Whether you prefer more traditional, old-fashioned curtain and drapes which lend a touch of elegance and class, or cleaner and modern window shutters, nothing speaks as loudly as how you decorate your windows. Perhaps you're looking to get a touch-up to modernize what you've got in place. Or maybe your home came with old, ratty drapes and you want to get something new entirely. Whatever the case may be, Masters of Crown is here to service homeowners across the entire Murrieta area.

Raymond Lopez, the owner and operator of Masters of Crown, has been in the business for decades. From the very beginning, Ray has worked alongside his father learning the ins and outs of the trade from baseboards, custom woodwork and more. As time passed, Ray cut his teeth and earned his stripes in the luxurious hotels of Las Vegas, learning his craft to the highest possible standards in the world. Now with many years of experience working in five-star hotels and resorts under his belt, Ray brings his sense of style and unique skills and experiences to Murrieta residents.

If you have a particular look in mind, we will work with you to make your dreams into reality. On the other hand, if you're not completely sure of what would work for your home, we will work with you and provide a wide range of styles and colors so you can get a better idea of what you're looking for. With all of our experience working with the finest, we will definitely have a look that would be suited for your needs and your budget, and we pride ourselves on not only being competitively priced but also be able to provide individualized customer service for every one of our clients.

Call us anytime at 951-746-5246 to discuss your next project and get a no-obligation, FREE quote.

Moulding Murrieta

Nothing adds a touch of definition and class to your home like crown moulding. Whether you're looking for a contemporary, no-nonsense style or something more classical, crown moulding is often an overlooked but vital part to your interior decoration that can be the elegant finishing touch. While there are many fabricated options out there, some homeowners have such a customized look that they simply can't get a premade solution that works for what them. In these cases, hiring a custom crown moulding company to do the woodwork would be the best way to go.

Most mouldings, decorative or utilitarian, all work the same way: they add definition and depth to structural parts of a home by covering up joints, using their shape to cast surfaces in specific gradients of shadow. The effect tends to be much more subtle than simply painting the surface, and often are considered a staple of interior design even in contemporary styles. Mouldings tend to be highly complex, as they require very specific millwork in order to get the proper effect, and as such there are not many hobbyists or do-it-yourselfers in the world of crown moulding.

That's where Masters of Crown comes in. Owned and operated by Ray Lopez, Masters of Crown has been providing top-notch moulding, custom woodwork and crown moulding installation in the Murrieta area for years. Mr. Lopez inherited the art from his father many years ago, and the two of them worked side by side throughout the lush Las Vegas strip in countless hotels and resorts to provide the most upscale looks and exquisite interior designs available. Now, Masters of Crown is ready to bring the same level of work and unique, personalized service to residents in Murrieta.

Want to get started on a renovation project? Or do you prefer to discuss your options first? Not sure what you're looking for? No problem. Contact us anytime to discuss your project with us or get a FREE estimate. We're available at 951-746-5246 to answer your questions today.

Garage Cabinets Murrieta

While a lot of homeowners tend to use their garages as storage spaces or even extra bedrooms, many people also like to keep their garages clean and organized. From tile flooring to storage shelves and more, there are numerous ways to get your garage in neat, presentable order. But none are quite as effective as garage cabinets, as they effectively add massive amounts of new-found storage space on your walls. Of course, garage cabinets come in all shape and sizes, and while the more budget-minded may prefer simple utilitarian cabinets, others may want something that is more inline with the rest of their interior decor.

There are many different kinds of pre-fabricated cabinets out there that can be economical, particularly if they're for a first set. However, pre-made garage cabinets will obviously lack the flexibility of getting them custom-made. From size, finish, and wood, there are many reasons why customized cabinets are the way to go. Since every homeowner is going to have a different set of tools and equipment in their garage, one size definitely does not fit all. In some cases, it may actually be more of a hassle to configure and adjust pre-made cabinets instead of getting them custom, and the end result may not even look as good!

Enter Masters of Crown, owned and operated by Ray Lopez. With over 20 years in all types of interior design and decoration, Ray has provided top-notch custom woodwork to clients in luxurious Las Vegas for many years and is now offering his services to the Murrieta area. Masters of Crown is able to get the best pricing on a vast selection of wood and materials, delivering the best quality work in a short time at rates that won't be beaten. No matter what scale your project is - whether you just need a single set of cabinets or are looking to redo the entire garage - Masters of Crown is willing to work with you each step of the way to deliver an end result to your complete satisfaction.

Contact Masters of Crown anytime for a FREE no-obligation estimate or to simply discuss your project to get an idea of what would be involved: 951-746-5246

Woodwork Murrieta

Masters of Crown is one of the few woodworkers in the Murrieta area that can claim decades of experience and expertise. Owner and operator Ray Lopez has been in the trade for most of his life, and has worked on luxurious Las Vegas hotels down to custom woodwork and more for local homeowners. When it comes time to customize your home, nothing beats the appeal of a brand-new set of cabinets in the kitchen or a beautiful piece of wooden furniture in your room. Getting something pre-fabricated just doesn't have the perfect size or look, so when you need that little something extra to put the finishing touch in your home, give us a call.

We work with a large variety of woods and materials in order to provide the best possible quality of work for our clients. When you approach us with a project, we take it very seriously and will start initial planning and design as soon as possible. We work with you throughout the entire process to ensure that the end result is to your specifications. With so many different types of wood and stains out there, getting the perfect look can be difficult, particularly for the average homeowner who may not be familiar with the full range of materials needed. That's where we step in! We will be able to make recommendations for you and provide a solution that's not only economical but beautiful.

Be very careful when you work with other contractors! Not everyone locally has the knowledge that we do; in fact, most of them don't! Always ask for recent examples of work or a portfolio, and check locally for references from other customers. While some of the lower-priced bargain contractors may seem like a good way to go at first, having the end result be misaligned, poorly-built or flimsy ultimately just costs you more money. Getting the project done right the first time will not only save you money in the long run but be an investment that you'll be able to take with you for years to come.

Call us anytime to discuss your project so we can start working with you. We'd be more than happy to provide references and examples on request. We're available at 951-746-5246.

Window Treatments in Murrieta

Masters of Crown is a complete home design company, and window treatments are just one of the many solutions we offer to our clients. From drapes and curtains to shutters and blinds, we have worked with many different types of treatments in all scales and sizes. Our years of experience comes from working in the finest hotels and resorts in Las Vegas, where we acquired impeccable sense for design and fashion. Now, we are ready to bring the best of high-class style to the Murrieta area at affordable prices that won't leave a dent in your wallet.

If your home was built in the past ten or twenty years, there's a very good chance that the window treatments that came with it are either very dirty or very outdated. With how rapidly interior design changes, the popular looks from years ago are usually no longer considered chic. Even if your treatments are still relatively modern, there are usually improvements that can be made, either in presentation or overall quality of the room they're in. Since the Murrieta area tends to be dusty and hot, the windows in a home need proper treatments to compensate.

A large part of what goes into appropriate window treatments comes from the orientation of the home and usage patterns. If your living room has windows that face the sun in the afternoon, blinds or shutters may help prevent excessive heat from leaking in. Or, if the living room is facing away from the sun and toward the street, the nearby traffic may bring in a lot of dust and would not be as well-suited for blinds which would require extra amounts of time to clean. Each and every home is different, and the mark of a good contractor is one who can break down your floorplan to provide the best recommendation possible for your budget.

With the years of experience we have, you simply can't go wrong when you work with us. We work with all types of window treatments in all shapes and sizes, as well as custom orders at warehouse prices. Contact Masters of Crown anytime at 951-746-5246 to schedule an appointment or to ask us any questions about your project.

Custom Entertainment Centers Murrieta

Masters of Crown provides a complete solution for homeowners looking for a custom entertainment center in Murrieta or Temecula. We are a family-owned and operated business that specializes in all types of woodwork and crown moulding work. With over 30 years in the industry, Ray Lopez is a seasoned professional that has worked on all types of jobs ranging from the elite luxury homes of Beverly Hills to the glittering casinos in Las Vegas. Ray has the experience to put his artistry to work for you and craft an entertainment center that's not only sturdy and elegant, but affordably priced.

Entertainment centers are a great way to not only keep your equipment safe and easily accessible, but to make a statement about your home and your style. Masters of Crown uses only the highest-grade materials to ensure that the final result will look amazing and fit in with the decor of your home. Ray will sit down with you on your project and discuss exactly what you're looking for as well as your budget, so that you can get the Murrieta entertainment center of your dreams.

Call Masters of Crown today at 951-746-5246 to get a free estimate on your next job.