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Baseboards Murrieta

Baseboards are a part of the home we tend to overlook when it comes to presentation of a room or hallway. Since they're on the bottom of the wall, a lot of times we overlook them as they aren't directly in our line of sight. But baseboards can be a critical part of how a hallway or room is perceived. Cheap or low-quality baseboards tend to be very drab, while custom ones can attract quite a bit of attention in addition to provide an element of finesse that would otherwise not be present. If your house has older baseboards that are in need of repair or even complete replacement, consider calling Masters of Crown to get an estimate!

Ray Lopez is the owner and operator of Masters of Crown, and has been in the crown moulding business for well over 20 years. He has personally worked on countless projects from small suburban homes to massive hotel projects in Las Vegas, and has inherited a wealth of knowledge from his father who worked alongside him. With all of this experience at his disposal, Ray is able to provide top-notch work with quality materials, all at an affordable price.

If you want to get started on your next home improvement project, contact us today at 951-746-5246