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About Us

Hello, my name is Raymond Lopez and I am the founder and owner of Masters of Crown Moulding. I started working for my father as a sweeper after high school, for a big company called Seating Products Industries. We did high-end cabinet work for commercial and residential industries. I watched my father, who was the foreman at the time, manage over 100 men. He worked so hard that he wouldn't get home until 11 PM most nights.

My father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. He came to the United States when he was about sixteen years old. His father passed away when he was just twelve years old. He'd seen his mother struggle through her life and all he wanted to do was work and learn as much as he could to make life easier for his mother and sisters. At sixteen, my father - my Hero - became the father and provider to his entire family. All he knew was to work hard and to take every opportunity to learn from any one willing to teach him. My father became one of the best craftsman and managers in the business. After seeing my father's success, I ventured to school for four years at Cabinet Makers and Mill Men Local 721. I can proudly say I have worked for my father and uncle for over 25 years. We have worked on most major Las Vegas Hotels and MGM Grand Hotel to luxury homes in Beverly Hills. There is nothing we haven't done in the industry.

Working for myself gives me the artistic opportunity to create what I love to do and utilize my skills to their full potential. Our motto is to please our customers and leave them completely satisfied with our work. With crown moulding, I could put a little piece of my father in everybody's home. What a great tribute that is!

So, when you order from Masters of Crown Moulding you're not only getting quality work, you're also getting the years of experience and passion that my father passed on to me, along with our family's bond that has been formed to serve and please you.