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Add Character with Moulding...

Adding crown moulding to a home makes it more appealing and also adds a large increase in the value.
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Custom Entertainment Centers

We are the standard when it comes to building custom entertainment centers. Our attention to detail is a key factor in our work.
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Entertainment Center - BEFORE

Here is the start of an entertainment center...
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Entertainment Center - AFTER

Look at the detail of the entertainment center. We custom design these for any wall in your home.
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Custom Wainscoting

Are your walls looking plain and unattractive? Use wainscoting to give your walls the touch they need.
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Entertainment Center Lighting

Do you want to add a glow to your entertainment center? We can add lighting to any area to create a beautiful look.
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Fireplace Mantels

Custom designed fireplace mantels.
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Nothing We Can't Do!

High ceilings? Not a problem. We can handle any job or any customization.
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We take pride in providing high quality work at affordable prices
Raymond Lopez - Owner

Murrieta Crown Moulding

$250.00 per room crown moulding

Welcome to Masters of Crown, your premiere source for all things crown moulding in the Murrieta area. We are a family-run business with over 50 years of combined experience and history backing our work. Owner and operator Raymond Lopez hails from the Las Vegas area, where he learned the art of interior design and woodworking alongside his father. Now, he is here to bring world-class elegance and design to the Murrieta area without the pricetag. Masters of Crown provides a wide range of services, ranging from professional custom woodwork for your home theater or garage to bringing out the refinement in a room through handcrafted baseboards and crown moulding. We understand the unique beauty of having custom crown moulding and cabinets, and the amount of appeal and class they can add to your household. Here's a brief list of what we can do for you:   Be sure to check out a full list of our services for more details.

Monthly Special!

4" Georgian Crown Moulding $250.00 Per Room Painted & Installed Available in 6" Upon Request

We only use the highest quality wood and paint on our installations to insure the best work for our clients. All of our pricing includes the paint and caulking, where most of our competitors will mark up for these items and charge extremely high prices to do the work. One of our strong points is the level of our work paired with our affordable prices - you can't find better value in the Murrieta and Temecula area! Contact us today at 951-746-5246 or using the form to the left to request a quote or ask us questions about your next project.